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I’ll get started on the Trek by posting about the most recent brewery I’ve visited, one that is brand spanking new; Strange Brewing in Denver.

Having just opened on May 17th, they’re located at 13th Avenue and Zuni. We went on opening night and it was standing room only, with two initial beers on tap; a nitrogen infused stout and a pale ale. The stout was creamy and full bodied without being too heavy, while the pale ale was as hoppy as most breweries IPAs. I overheard that they do intend to offer a standalone IPA, which based upon the taste of the pale ale should be quite hoppy!

The site is actually a tasting room with typical brew pub decor of wood wainscoting in two rooms. The bar itself is something to behold, having a hop vine snake across the top under varnish. Being just a tasting room, they don’t serve food, but are very generous with peanuts and pretzels on the bar, tables, and stool rail.

We went back two days later, on a Friday to try the newly offered brews (they were releasing a new beer every day in honor of American Craft Brew Week) and to redeem the coupons that we had forgot to bring on our first visit. The additions were a Belgian style ale and a dark ale. Friends who came with us had the Belgian style and loved it, while my wife had the dark ale (slightly hoppy, not at all heavy) and I repeated with the pale ale.

Overall this is a great brewery with well crafted, full bodied beers. Too often in my experience, most craft breweries and brews pubs tone down their line up to appeal to the tastes of the average American beer drinkers. It was surprising to see that this new brewery didn’t fall into that trap; I sincerely hope this points to more new breweries taking a chance and crafting richer, tastier beers.

Strange BrewingI learned about the opening by the way, through the greatest resource a Colorado beer enthusiast can have, The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado. I first became aware of them while visiting the Estes Park Brewery; they had the map posted in their shop, but were out of the ones for sale, as was every other place I looked. Finally after the release of their second edition I was able to obtain one. Not only do they list every brewery and brew pub in Colorado, they also include coupons for free and discounted beers. The map lists hours of operation, location, as well as listings for state and national parks, historic drinking holes, and a primer on beer types and their corresponding glasses.

I had just about worn out that map and went online to see about when the third release when I stumbled across their site. They have the entire map in an interactive format along with most of the other information found on the physical map posted and include local beer news and events. The map is well worth the purchase, the coupons alone more than pay for it.

Until next time, as always, stay thirsty my friends.

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