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Crescent City Brewhouse Pint Glass, New OrleansThe first non-Colorado brewery I’ll post is one I’ve visited a few times; Crescent City Brewhouse in New Orleans. We visit New Orleans every spring, the first time in 2005, a few months before Katrina. Even before the end of that stay, we fell in love with the city and knew we’d be back. As we sat anxiously watching the coverage of the aftermath of the hurricane, we knew the best place foe our tourist dollars was there. We’ve been back four additional times since then, and with the gulf oil spill, we’ll continue to visit for the foreseeable future.

That first year we visited CCB for the time as well, although we haven’t visited the last time or two we’ve been back to Nola. A two story structure, the decor is traditional old wood with modern details. The offerings aren’t quite the usual line-up. Instead, they feature mostly German style beers, the pilsner being very good. Overall the taste of all was a little less full bodied than most craft breweries, but not weak by any definition. The IPA, only on the menu on a rotational basis, was barely hoppy for my taste.

Crescent City BrewhouseThe food is generally good, a mix of traditional Louisiana fare with some fusion. The service though has varied drastically every time we’ve gone in, ranging from exceptionally good to criminally poor. The last time we went in, the appetizer was ordered well before the meal, but arrived just before the main course. This could be from the constantly rotating staff in the French Quarter that we’ve seen over the years.

Crescent City is the only brew pub in the French Quarter, and is located on one of the main tourist ‘drags’, Decatur Street across from the old Jax Brewery, and a short walk from Jackson Square, Cafe Du Monde, etc..

Until next time, as always, stay thirsty my friends.

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