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steve mckenna’s lost twin?

Sitting at Avenue Pub in New Orleans and we saw what appears to be Steve McKenna’s long lost twin.


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5 thoughts on “steve mckenna’s lost twin?

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  2. That’s too funny! While I really enjoyed Zane Lamprey and his Three Sheets show, I find Drinking Made Easy to be a bit weak overall. Too much Steve McKenna, not enough Zane.

    • I agree, DME is like Three Sheets lite, they’re just trying too hard. The guy that always goes to the local brewery is a little too dull and asks some fairly mediocre questions. More Zane would be nice, if they could just balance between him and McKenna…

      • Exactly! They are definitely trying too hard. I was hooked on Three Sheets and probably saw every episode at least three times (that Daniel Boulud show was really good too when it was on the now defunct Mojo Network). Informative and funny without going too over the top. I even got a Pleepleeus zip-up hoodie for Christmas one year. I think the show may still be available on Hulu.

        • Last time I checked it was still on Hulu, which is great because I was able to catch up on some of the episodes I’d missed before Mojo went under. I loved the Mojo theme song, I’ve even put it on my iPod when they had it posted on their site. Other than DME, I loathe the network (HDNet I think) that took over that spot. You can still get some Pleepleeus gear from the new show’s site, it’s just branded as DME rather than Three Sheets.

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