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uptown brothers, we barely knew thee

Colfax is awash in bars that run the gamut between fun, but divey, upscale, but douchey, and every alcoholic in-between. And this is no more apparent than in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill which the avenue borders like a faded piece of costume jewelry. In its heyday, the Hill was home to some of the largest and most expensive abodes in Denver, now shabbily converted to apartments and office buildings. Maggie Brown is probably rolling in laughter in her grave at what has become of the residences of her biggest detractors, while her house has been restored to all its Gilded Age glory. But the Hill is nothing if not vibrant. Succeeding generations of young free-thinkers and artists have called it home since the days when Jack Kerouac lived in an apartment on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania, just down the street from the “Molly” Brown House.

Amid this diversity lived, for a short while, Uptown Brothers “Brewing Company.” I put brewing company in quotes because they never actually brewed any beer (to my knowledge), instead they offered a diverse selection of craft beer on tap from some of the best breweries from around Colorado and the nation. Stone, Lagunitas, Widmer, Victory, Deschutes, Avery, Ska, Oskar Blues, Great Divide, and Odell were just some of the great brews they offered over the year or so they were in business. Yes, sadly they’ve closed the doors for good, posting on their Facebook page that they just can’t make a profit, and are no more.

Not only did they serve beers from the relative big guys of Colorado, they also supported the smaller upstarts like the Strange, Black Fox, and Renegade Breweries, and were continually looking for good and unique draughts to add. And they had incredible food.

From the gargantuan chicken fried steak (at least a half inch thick), to catfish and other Southern staples, you were guaranteed to walk out busting at the seams; definitely a mixture of pleasure and pain from both the goodness and the heaping portions. The nachos could sustain small armies during after-work revelry.

So with heavy hearts we bid adieu, you left many great memories with local beer geeks and residents of Capitol Hill. We will miss you sorely.

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2 thoughts on “uptown brothers, we barely knew thee

  1. See, it’s stories like these that remind me that broadcasting the news about breweries and places that support them by carrying their beer is SO important. Any place that takes the time to get away from the big three and carry beers like Black Fox… (a favorite of mine here in the Springs) needs to be supported. Keep up your brew trek! You’re doing good stuff here Will.

    • Thanks Ken. I agree that one should get the word out on places like Uptown Brothers, they eagerly supported the Colorado craft beer scene. It still amazes me that this placed closed though, every time I visited it appeared that they were doing good. It just goes to show that you can’t assume anything, tell everyone you know about places you think are worth supporting.

      The Wife and I enjoy Black Fox also, we almost always try something of theirs whenever we’re in at Bristol!

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