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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed a lack of posts recently. “What happened?” you may have said to yourself. “Is he getting lazy? Does he not give a fuck? Why am I not receiving sometimes insightful, sometimes snarky, sometimes helpful brewery posts? Why am I talking to myself?” The conversation may continue, and my response would be “Lost my job. No. Yes, I do, still give a fuck. I started a business and have been crazily busy. I don’t know, are you getting help for that?”

So to sum it up, I’ve been unemployed since March and have taken the opportunity Life’s given me to start a business. A craft beer related business. A craft beer related business that could get you free beer if you buy my products. Yes, Free Beer.

Truthfully, I had started the ball rolling long before I even had inkling of what was to come. I was ready to get out of the life of Don Draper, creating corporate design, advertising, and marketing for The Man. Observations from our trips to breweries accumulated and stewed in my unconsciousness, waiting for the right moment to spring forth into bankable products via our new business, Beerporium.

Brew Trek JournalsLike many craft beer geeks, I’ve kept notes on the beers I’ve had when visiting the nearly 100 breweries we’ve visited. Knowing glances have passed between other faithful chroniclers and the Wife and I when another Moleskine or other pocket notebook plastered with brewery stickers is seen. We’ve even met a guy who is carting around Ed Sealover’s book, Mountain Brew, to all of the breweries mentioned and having the brewers sign it. Each person doing what they can to document not only the beers they’ve had, but to have a way to almost bring home the brewery experience to relive over and over again when perusing the entries on the proverbial rainy day.

Beerporium Brewery Passport & JournalAll of those experiences have combined for our first release, the Brewery Passport and Journal. With preprinted spaces for all of the relevant brewery information, there’s plenty of room to jot down the beers you’ve savored there. And there’s a special place for the brewery to stamp your entry, just like a real passport. We’ve been working with breweries across Colorado to participate, and soon hope to take it nationwide. Some of those breweries have also agreed to provide a free flight of three tasters in addition to stamping the Passport.

Passport InteriorThe idea for a free flight came from watching first time patrons come in time after time, and only ordering what they were comfortable with. I’ll admit that the Wife and I will always order a stout and an IPA, but if we have time we will also order a flight. The gems we’ve tasted have influenced what we’ve ordered in subsequent visits, both at the brewery where we originally tasted them, as well as at new breweries. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone whenever you can, but sometimes you’ll get lucky, and a brewery may have three different versions of your favorite style on tap at any given moment.

So if that sounds like a deal for you, be sure to click on over to our new Craft Beer Gear page to find out more, or go directly to the Beerporium website.

Prost Brewing

But wait, there’s more! More brewery reviews to be exact. Just because I lost my job doesn’t mean I’ll stop going to breweries, or writing about them (okay, the writing’s at a trickle, but read on). We recently took a trip to Fort Collins and stopped in at a good number of the outstanding breweries there, so expect posts on them in the weeks to come. We’ve also had posts on the back burner about the explosion of new craft breweries here in Denver, just waiting for the attention they deserve to finish them. Look for Prost Brewing and their exceptional German craft beers coming up next, and maybe Three Barrel in Del Norte after that. And hopefully we can update the Beer Gallery soon with photos of the new pint glasses that have been overwhelming our china cabinet after all of the trips we make to new breweries. Needless to say, we’ve got our work cut out for us, and a lot of reading to come for you, our loyal visitors.

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5 thoughts on “when life gives you beer, start a business

  1. That’s a great idea! far preferable to the various apps I use now to keep track of by “craft beer research.” Good luck with it!

    And as for real life getting in the way of blogging.. well, I’m not one to complain after taking over 4 years off between posts for any number of good, bad, and ugly reasons.


    • Thanks! The apps are handy for times when circumstances just don’t allow meticulous documentation, like beer festivals and benefits where you’re doing a lot of tasting. Untappd has been invaluable for situations like those. But if you’re just enjoying a quiet afternoon in a taproom, I’ve found that a notebook is best for getting all of the details. So a ‘multi-pronged’ approach works for me :).

      With the blogging, it all comes down to the greater scheme of things. While craft beer and blogging are very important to me, nothing should take precedence over family and your general well being. Now, when all of them can be combined, you’re a very lucky person indeed.

  2. What an awesome idea! I was wondering what your big news was.

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