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William Carlson IICreative Director, Designer, musician, William Carlson has been many things over his life, but throughout all of it has been the pursuit and appreciation of good beer. Ever since his first visit to Wynkoop Brewing back in 1988, he has been hooked on craft beer and it’s culture, seeking out breweries and brew pubs wherever he travels. Approximately 15 years ago he got hooked on home brewing and the endless possibilities of creating his own recipes. Design, science fiction, hockey, and travel occupy the remainder of his available time on earth.


The Daily Post – Focus on: Craft Beer Blogs

Colorado Craft Beer Show


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5 thoughts on “our man in the field

  1. Badaiblinger on said:

    Me too.

  2. John Walter on said:

    Hello Will,
    I had the opportunity to meet you @ Strange yesterday (St. Paddy’s Day). Great website! I shall continue to read on . . . so long as you continue to be our “man in the field”! Keep up the good work!


  3. I both hate you and love you. Brew Trek, good name, that’s what brought me here.

    Beer … the greatest frontier … these are the voyages …

    Drink on, bro!

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