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Craft Beer GearAll of our brewery travels have given us insights into what makes a memorable visit. First are the discoveries of new beers in the flights we order. Beers whose description on paper sounds nothing like what we’d be inclined to like, ending up being some of our favorites after tasting them in a flight. Second are the notes we keep in various pocket notebooks, documenting not only the beers, but the bartenders, servers, fellow patrons, and locations that make craft breweries so fun and friendly. Those brewery diaries have led to many conversations with both brewers and fellow imbibers, acting as a reference many times when discussing beer and breweries.


These experiences have all led up to our new craft beer related business, Beerporium, and the products we produce. Products geared for craft beer tourists, beer geeks, and everyone else who has an affinity for craft beer culture.

Beerporium Brewery Passport & JournalOur flagship product, the Brewery Passport and Journal perfectly enhances the brewery experience, allowing you to document your visit and the beers you enjoyed there. It serves as a memento not only through your own documentation, but also with a unique stamp from those breweries who are participating with us. Some of those participating breweries are also offering free flights to Passport bearers. Be sure to visit the Beerporium site to learn more about the brewery stamps, free beer, and how you can buy your own Passport today.

You can also discover our other products on the site, like our state craft breweries posters. Each one listing all of the craft breweries in a given state, artfully integrated into a unique graphical representation. Each state’s poster will be issued in periodical editions, updated with the ever-growing number of breweries who’ve opened since the last edition.

Become a craft beer citizen today with Beerporium products!